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About Plantéa

Novelty in your kitchen!

         Hello and welcome to Plantea’s Kitchen!

         We are a one stop shop for the best kitchen utensils for every occasion. We pride ourselves on working with reliable supplies and providing the best quality goods. Discover a selection of the trendiest kitchen utensils on the market through our store. We have satisfied customers all over the world! Customer interest is always a top priority for us, we strive to provide excellent products you are guaranteed to enjoy.

We bring fashion into your kitchen!


Spurtles are a traditional culinary item that originated from Scotland. The comfortable and well-balanced wood spatula was originally designed for stirring porridge and turning oatcakes, however, you can use it to flawlessly flip seared fillet mignon, serving frittata, stirring thick batter, or whatever else you enjoy cooking!


No food should be left behind! The angled tip fits perfect for the corners and edges of the pan. Makes an excellent gift for a chef or food connoisseur.


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